Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a refinishing last?
A refinished bathtub or tile wall can easily last 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance.
How durable are refinished bathtubs?
Finishes are designed to stand up to daily use and do not require special care. Like a newly manufactured bathtub, a refinished surface can be chipped or scratched if it is abused.
Do refinished tubs look painted?
Definitely not! Most people can't tell any difference between a new bathtub and a refinished tub.
How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?
A standard sized bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 2 to 3 hours to refinish. The tub will be ready to use within 48 hours.
How does refinishing compare to replacement costs?
Refinishing will almost always be a fraction of the total cost of replacing a bathtub or ceramic tile surround. Call us for a free estimate at (619) 475-6316.
Does refinishing smell bad?
The coatings we use contain solvents, which are necessary to make the finish hard and durable. We use ventilation fans to exhaust air from the work area, minimizing the fresh paint like odor. Most or the odor will be gone within a day.
Is white the only color available?
No. We can match an existing color or create almost any custom color of your choosing.
Can you fix chips, scratches and cracks?
Most small chips and cracks can be repaired during the preparation stage of the refinishing process. The repaired chip or crack will be invisible in the refinished surface.
Is refinishing just for bathtubs?
We can refinish a multitude of surfaces including fiberglass shower stalls, kitchen formica counter tops and other laminates, ceramic tile, cultured marble vanity tops, and acrylic tubs. Call us at (619) 475-6316 if you have any question about your surface.
How does refinishing work on Kitchen countertops?
Our countertop refinishing works extremely well on formica countertops, tile vanities, and even cultured marble counters. The finish is very durable and easy to clean. A variety of colors and textures are available.
Why should I have Bathbright refinish my bathtub or countertop?
BathBright Refinishing Inc. is one of the oldest refinishers in the area,
serving San Diego for over 25 years! We are members of the San Diego Better Business Bureau and the Apartment Owners Association of California, offer great warranties and are always prompt & friendly.
Is there a warranty?
Yes! 5 years on tubs and 1 year on countertops & sinks.
Does a refinished surface take special care?
Care is similar to that of new bathtubs or new countertops…do not use cleaners that contain abrasives, harsh acids, or bleach. Most worn bathtubs, sinks and tile become worn and dull due to abrasive cleansers, not from time.
How does refinishing compare to bathtub liners?
Liners are at least twice as expensive as refinishing and can take up to 3 to 4 weeks from ordering to installation.

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